The Club encourages juniors of all ages up to 17 years old to join and has maintained low membership rates. Junior membership is in three categories: 

  • Mini tennis: 5-9 years, 
  • Younger juniors: 10-13 years, 
  • Older juniors: 14-17 years.

Juniors may play when the courts are free except on club and match nights, but generally, they are encouraged to play before 6:00 PM. Older juniors may play on adult club nights if they play for any club teams or are invited by the committee.

Junior club nights

In addition, April through August, Friday evenings, 4:00–6:00 PM, are dedicated to juniors. This is a practice session supervised by our assistant coaches and club members until 6:00 PM. After this, juniors have priority on two courts only.

Mini tennis

Mini tennis members may play on the courts when they are free except at nominated club event times. A relative, who need not be a member, may feed balls to a child as long as they are wearing tennis shoes.

Useful Junior Tennis Links

LTA Mini Tennis – advice for coaches and parents

USTA – Video on Junior Racquets – ideal for parents buying a racquet

Perfect Tennis – A more in depth guide for parents on choosing a racquet to ensure the correct size for their child.